Board of Directors 2019-2020

Blakely Marcinkoswki

Vice President
Katie Seidenschwarz

Kathy Hilberg

Terri Herron

Chris Cain

Alayne Dolson


Executive Committee: Blakely Marcinkowski (President, Chair), Katie Seidenschwarz (Vice President), Terri Herron (Treasurer), Jenny Skrivseth (Chorus Manager)

Finance Committee: Terri Herron (Treasurer, Chair), Chris Cain (Bookkeeper), Jenny Skrivseth (Chorus Manager)

Public Relations/Marketing Committee: Jon Rose, Jenny Skrivseth (Chorus Manager)

Board Development Committee: Katie Seidenschwarz (Vice President, Chair), Blakely Marcinkowski (President)

Fund-Raising Committee:

Our Board of Directors meet monthly on the first Tuesday of the month from September through May from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the old Loyola school on Pine St. near St. Francis. Meetings are open to anyone who would like to observe, a 15 minute comment period is reserved for the final 15 minutes of each meeting.